Consulting Services for Relational Database Performance and Tuning    

SingingSQL is the banner for Dan Tow, author of SQL Tuning, the authoritative text on the subject.

Prime offerings:

  • Performance and tuning classes – I teach what I know, with focused classes at your site – want to do it yourself? If you want to learn SQL tuning from the guy who wrote the book, I offer a successful class based on the book, offered at reasonable rates onsite at your company!

  • SQL tuning – I tune problem queries fast, usually in minutes.

  • Problem SQL analysis – I find problem queries systematically and automatically.

  • Design for performance – I help design and modify databases for robust application development with data integrity, without sacrificing performance.

  • Database/system configuration – I tune database and system configurations.

  • Big-picture performance analysis and problem resolution – performance problems outside the database? – I find them and fix them.

  • Ongoing performance maintenance – I offer periodic planned analyses to find and fix new problems that might arise after the initial round of analysis and repair.

Why are you here?

    OK, I admit it, this site is mostly just a brochure for my services, and you haven't got much reason to come to this site again unless you need those services, but I want to offer you something for coming to the site: Tuning Scripts! These are Oracle SQL scripts, (with README use instructions) that I use many times/day, almost every day! I frankly spend too much time tuning SQL and teaching SQL tuning to offer a dynamic website, but if you'd like to sign up for my informal quarterly email newsletter that offers more scripts, occasional tips, and announcements of coming classes, go to Contact and drop me a line requesting free membership in my subscriber's list.

    The SingingSQL approach:

      If you want endless meetings and tedious reports of a hundred or more “problems” that might slow your application by some unknown (usually miniscule) amount, with vague or unrealistic solutions to those problems, I suggest you use other, larger consulting services.

      If you want rapid (often one day of work or less), realistic solutions to just the few problems that matter, with scientific predictions of how much those solutions will help your business, I am the answer! I don’t guess, I measure, and I translate improvements into terms of the economic benefit to your business –

      “This will save your end-users 3 hours/day that they currently waste waiting for the hour-glass to turn,” or “This will buy you room for 25% more business growth before you need to buy more hardware


      “This will reduce database parsing,” or “This will reduce IO contention