Service Pricing

I offer five price schemes:

  • Time & Materials you pay transportation (if any I offer remote service) and hourly for problem-solving services.

  • Fixed price you describe the problem, and I offer a fixed price for pre-agreed results I deliver or you do not pay. I love this one, because you will not believe how fast I will solve the problem and how profitable the fixed price will be for me!

  • Standard analysis you choose among several standard performance analysis packages, and I offer a fixed price for a standardized analysis of your best opportunities for improved performance you won't believe the prices! These packages come in two flavors - first-time analyses and ongoing analysis subscriptions. Because most of my costs are in the initial installation of the analysis tools, the ongoing analysis subscription, serving as your virtual internal performance and tuning team, is especially inexpensive.

  • Analysis response based on the standard analysis results, I agree to a fixed price for pre-agreed package of over-all performance enhancements to the problems I found in a standard analysis.

  • Education services describe the class you want, or choose from pre-built offerings, and I will price based on the location, the content, and the number of attendees.

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