WHO iS SingingSQL?    

SingingSQL is (so far) Dan Tow, with 19 years of experience fully focused on performance and tuning, at Oracle Corporation from 1989 to 1998, followed by TenFold Corporation, from 1998 to late 2002, followed by success as an independent consultant under the SingingSQL banner. SingingSQL is moderately new in this arena, but I (Dan Tow) am not. I headed the performance and tuning group for all of Oracle applications, where I cut my teeth on a rich, complex set of over 35,000 real-world applications queries. In the process, I invented a systematic, patented (USPatent #5761654) method to tune any query efficiently, which I have taught to over 1500 people. I built a set of scripts to systematically, scientifically identify and prioritize performance problems, especially problems in the database and the SQL. I also resolved complex problems in every major layer of the software, in the hardware, the operating system, and the network. I was the buck-stops-here end of the line for applications performance problems in several crisis situations, and never failed to resolve the problem. At TenFold, as the Director of Performance and Tuning, I built much of my expertise into TenFold’s application platform, EnterpriseTenFold™ and extended my expertise to solving database-wide and SQL-tuning problems in Sybase™, DB2™, and Microsoft SQLServer™. I live in Palo Alto, CA.

My book on SQL tuning is available for purchase, published through O'Reilly! - here is O'Reilly's official website for the book: SQL Tuning
- and here is Amazon's information about the book: SQL Tuning @ Amazon

Here is my formal resume:

Daniel S. Tow
120 Iris Way
Palo Alto, CA 94303

2002-present, SingingSQL: Founder and Principal.

1998-2002, TenFold Corporation: Director, Performance and Tuning, Senior Architect. Running a small group responsible for all performance and tuning issues in a 100-700-employee application software vendor. Architected the rules on Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQLServer, and DB2 to auto-generate SQL that rarely requires manual tuning. Tuned hundreds of specific application performance defects and architected root-cause enhancements to the Universal Application to prevent similar defects from recurring in future applications. Diagnosed and resolved performance problems from misconfiguration of the databases, servers, and networks at customer sites.

1989-1998, Oracle Corporation: Manager, Applications Performance and Tuning. Held various positions in Application Development and IT, all revolving around performance and tuning, at various layers, including hardware configuration, operating systems, database configuration, network optimization, application code optimization, and (especially) SQL tuning. Served as the final word on application performance issues, for a suite of applications including over 35,000 queries, with hundreds of complex queries. Resolved many high-priority performance problems originating from system-configuration problems. Identified several important enhancements, since implemented, to the Oracle RDBMS, for the optimizer, for the execution engine, and for shared-memory management. Built suites of internal shell and SQL based tools for diagnosing, prioritizing, and resolving performance problems in several layers with empirical data collection and analysis, not guesswork. Invented a patented (USPatent #5761654) , systematic tuning methodology for complex queries, which I have presented to over 1,500 people.

1986-1989, AT&T Bell Laboratories: Member of Technical Staff
Systems Engineer. Worked as a bridge person between business customers and the developers of a network management operations system, describing the customers’ system requirements in terms meaningful to the developers.

Education 1982-1986, University of Wisconsin, Madison: Ph.D., Chemical Engineering.
First in my class to complete the Ph.D. Fully funded by fellowships from Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation and National Science Foundation. Completed a computer-based thesis on a systematic search for new chemical reactions of maximum likely value to the chemical industry.
Personal I love puzzles and games, including go, Othello, bridge, Scrabble, and my very own invention and website, Suduro.

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